Butte County, CA

Climate Action Plan (CAP)


Butte County General Plan


Sustainability Resources

·         US Green Building Council, Northern California Chapter


·         Cool California – Resources for individuals, homeowners, businesses, students, and teachers


Energy Efficiency and Conservation

·         CaliforniaFIRST – Finance improvements at your home or business

·         Energy Upgrade California – Receive financial assistance to improve the energy efficiency of your home


·         PG&E rebates – rebates for PG&E customers  for appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling improvements


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

·         State of California Climate Change Portal


·         State of California, Governors Office of Planning and Research, 2011


  Water Conservation

       Water Conservation At Home

      At-Home Water Conservation Guide

        Save Our Water

·         California Urban Water Conservation Council

State Climate Action Planning Resources

·         Cool California Local Government Toolkit

·         California Institute for Local Government San Francisco Bay Area Climate Portal

·         California Air Pollution Control Officers Association Model Policies for Greenhouse Gases in General Plans (download)

California Policy and Regulation

Assembly Bill 32 requires California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The 2008 AB 32 Scoping Plan identifies early action and long-term measures to achieve this goal, including a recommended reduction by local governments.

·         AB 32, the 2006 California Global Warming Solutions Act

·         AB 32 Fact Sheet http://www.arb.ca.gov/cc/factsheets/ab32factsheet.pdf

·         AB 32 Scoping Plan Summary http://www.arb.ca.gov/cc/facts/scoping_plan_fs.pdf

·         AB 32 Scoping Plan, Full Document http://www.arb.ca.gov/cc/scopingplan/scopingplan.htm

SB 375 enhances California's ability to reach its AB 32 goals by promoting good planning with the goal of more sustainable communities.

·         SB 375, Regional Targets for Transportation-Related Emissions Reductions

·         California Air Resources Board SB 375 Homepage

·         Butte County Association of Governments adopted Sustainable Communities Strategy for implementing SB 375 in Butte County.

California Environmental Quality Act and Climate Change

·         SB 97, CEQA Guidelines and Climate Change
SB 97 (Dutton), adopted in 2007, directs the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to develop recommended changes to the State’s CEQA guidelines to address greenhouse gas emissions

Climate Change Adaptation

·         California Adaptation Planning Guide (2012)

The Adaptation Planning Guide provides step-by-step guidance to local governments for adapting to the impacts of climate change.


·         Our Changing Climate 2012: Vulnerability and Adaptation to the Increasing Risks from Climate Change in California

California Natural Resources Agency, 2012

The California Natural Resources Agency and other state agencies prepared this third annual report of climate change vulnerabilities and opportunities to mitigate climate-change impacts. The report highlights findings for key state sectors, including agriculture, public health, and transportation.


·         California Climate Adaptation Strategy
California Natural Resources Agency, 2009

The California Climate Adaptation Strategy presents anticipated impacts of climate change in California and ways in which the state may become more resilient.